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Pen and paper scheduling got you down? Double data entry holding you back? Fret not, chimney sweep professionals, your deliverance is at hand! Smart Service is here to escalate your efficiency and curtail wasteful business practices. This QuickBooks-integrated chimney sweep scheduling software does it all!

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  • What is Chimney CRM?

    Chimney CRM is a web application that adds quoting, building, scheduling, dispatching, routing, inventory management tracking and sales to one unified business portal. This allows chimney service companies to streamline their operations and avoid double data entry. Chimney CRM imports existing customers, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their current customer database (as well as schedule jobs for new customers).

  • What does Chimney CRM do?

    Simply put, Chimney CRM runs service companies. Chimney CRM keeps comprehensive records of all of your customers and allows you to schedule and assign new jobs to them. Once work is completed, Chimney CRM automatically creates a ready-to-bill invoice for the corresponding job/customer.

  • Who uses Chimney CRM?

    Chimney CRM is the perfect scheduling software for chimney sweep service companies of every size and specialization. Current customers include custom cap builders, metal fabrication companies, as well chimney sweeps. Within a company, Chimney CRM is typically used by the owner, receptionist, dispatcher, operations manager, and/or other office staff.

  • Can Chimney CRM be customized to fit the specific needs of my company?

    Our team does a great deal of custom development, including database migrations and custom form creation. We also offer several Chimney CRM expansions and add-ons to tailor the SaaS to the needs of specific service specializations. To review these, check out the products listed on the Chimney CRM features page or contact us to speak to a sales representative.

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  • Our CSRs love knowing exactly what our techs present to a customer so that they can follow up promptly with customers on estimates and make sure we deliver upon what was promised, on time and in fashion, Thanks Chimney CRM.
    Affordable Chimney Sweep
    Chimney CRM Customer
  • Over the last year, we've doubled our revenue and established a strong brand, delivering a clear value to customers and great overall experience, which Chimney CRM has elevated for us.
    Flue & Fireplace
    Chimney CRM Customer
  • There’s a feeling of structure that you can’t find in any other cookie cutter service — ChimneyCRM had everything I could need to run my business
    Jason Briggs
    ChimneyCRM Customer

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Increase sales and streamline operations to deliver modern, connected customer experiences with Chimney CRM. In service markets, customer experience can make all the difference. Chimney CRM delivers a customer experience to make your service stand out from the crowd.

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