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Evolve One Media is the premier digital advertising agency in Edmonton. We understand exactly what it takes for advertisements to be successful in this 2020, highly competitive digital landscape. We understand ad creation, customization, and ad placement. We know how to do the research that is required for your ads to reach the right people at the right time.

Advertising is tedious, time-consuming work, and you only get one shot with ads. Therefore, digital advertising is not something that you want to roll the dice on. If you want to get it right on the first go-round, you should outsource your advertising to a digital advertising agency in Edmonton like Evolve One Media.

We Live in a Pay to Play World

To be successful with online advertising today, you have to pay. This is true whether you are advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube, or just about any other online platform. There are several reasons why paid advertisements perform much better than non-paid advertisements. Yes, one reason is that the owners of these platforms want to make money, and they do this by charging people to place ads. Since they want people to pay for ads, they make sure that paid ads perform better on their platforms. This incentivizes advertisers to pay to play.

Another reason that paid ads outperform non-paid ads is that paid ads get more exposure. This is largely due to the fact that there is so much content on these platforms today! It’s getting harder and harder to have your ads seen organically because your ads have to compete with so much other content. By the time most of your followers login or get online, your ads will be at the bottom of their newsfeeds, and they will never see them. Paid ads remain at the top for a lot longer, which equates to more visibility and more clicks.

Evolve One Media Can Create High-Quality Advertisements

Advertisements are one of those things that you really want to spend a lot of time perfecting. Whether we are dealing with image-based, text-based, or video-based ads, they need to be made appealing and catchy. You need to hook the ad viewers so that they have no choice but to click on them. That is why Evolve One Media works with the best copywriters, video producers, and photographers to create top-of-the-line advertisements that deliver your message and generate more clicks.

Digital Ads Must be Customized

Additionally, today’s most successful digital advertisements are highly customized. Ideally, you would want each advertisement to speak directly to each person who views it. While this is not entirely possible in every instance, ads can be highly customized to speak to the demographics who are most likely to view them, and Evolve One Media is second-to-none at creating high-quality, customized ads. Plus, we know how to place your ads strategically for maximum clicks.

To learn more about our digital advertising agency in Edmonton, or to request a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Evolve One Media today.

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