Frequently Asked Questions

Important Questions You Need to Know About Chimney CRM


What is Chimney CRM?

Chimney CRM is a web application that adds quoting, building, scheduling, dispatching, routing, inventory management tracking and sales to one unified business portal. This allows chimney service companies to streamline their operations and avoid double data entry. Chimney CRM imports existing customers, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their current customer database (as well as schedule jobs for new customers).

What does Chimney CRM do?

Simply put, Chimney CRM runs service companies. Chimney CRM keeps comprehensive records of all of your customers and allows you to schedule and assign new jobs to them. Once work is completed, Chimney CRM automatically creates a ready-to-bill invoice for the corresponding job/customer.

Who uses Chimney CRM?

Chimney CRM is the perfect scheduling software for chimney sweep service companies of every size and specialization. Current customers include custom cap builders, metal fabrication companies, as well chimney sweeps. Within a company, Chimney CRM is typically used by the owner, receptionist, dispatcher, operations manager, and/or other office staff.

Can Chimney CRM be customized to fit the specific needs of my company?

Our team does a great deal of custom development, including database migrations and custom form creation. We also offer several Chimney CRM expansions and add-ons to tailor the SaaS to the needs of specific service specializations. To review these, check out the products listed on the Chimney CRM features page or contact us to speak to a sales representative.

How often is Chimney CRM updated?

All the time! Our developers are constantly responding to industry trends and customer feedback to ensure that our products remain the best on the market. These regular content updates are included in every Chimney CRM plan.

How quickly can staff use Chimney CRM?

After account creation is complete, we will schedule and conduct two remote, one-on-one, personalized training sessions for you and/or any other pertinent members of your team. (We provide a recording of these sessions for future reference.) In addition, our comprehensive online manual is a useful tool for both new and experienced users. We also offer a plethora of how-to tutorial videos to guide you through Chimney CRM’s immense features.

Is there a mobile version of Chimney CRM?

Absolutely. Chimney CRM is hosted externally and streamed to you, so there’s no need to worry about installation or compatibility with your devices.

What are Chimney CRM’s system requirements?

To use Chimney CRM you will need a device that has access to the internet and a browser.

Can I schedule a Chimney CRM demo?

Absolutely! Click the help button below or fill out the form on our demo page to request a free, personalized, one-on-one demonstration.

How does tech support work?

Each plan grants you unlimited use of our Help Desk, which is available from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST every Monday through Friday.