Instagram Stories Influencer Marketing

Instagram is an amazing revenue to generate traffic, sales, and awareness of just about anything you can think about. Businesses have realized the benefits of this over time and have begun to make use of the program. People looking to benefit from these services often ask questions like how does influencer marketing cost, what is the role of Instagram stories in social media and so on. The process of running campaigns on Instagram is regarded as Instagram marketing while the individuals who are responsible for carrying out these marketing campaigns are known as Instagram influencers.

Influencers make use of various forms of content to create awareness to their large followers who are usually influenced into making desired decisions on such products and recently have begun adopting the Instagram story approach as well.

So, what are Instagram Stories?

Instagram story is a full screen, vertical photo or video-sharing feature that affords brands the opportunity to immerse their audience in a well-crafted product or business story. This feature has seen the Instagram platform more than double its initial usage rate ever since it was introduced in 2016 with about 40% of the platforms billion users posting stories daily.

So, what is the role of Instagram stories in social media?

Instagram stories offer the opportunity to give viewers the opportunity to have a live insight and interaction with brands and influencers. Instagram stories are especially beneficial to influencers in general as it offers that much needed direct intimate interaction with their followers/audience such that they can record a video and get live interactions during the process. Instagram stories marketing is already being practiced with influencers having more appreciable results than they would otherwise have expected and even though pricing is generally different from the usual per post structure, it is still a venture that brands can highly benefit from.

As a brand, how do you go about designing the perfect sponsored Instagram story?

  1. Start by picking influencers who post high-quality stories on a consistent basis.

this is very important as you need to get your money’s worth and poor content or blurred content wouldn’t cut it for what you are striving to achieve. You need to track your supposed influencer choices to see and confirm before you approach them.

  1. Layout the structure of posts to the influencers.

Instagram stories consist of segments of videos and photos that stay on the timeline for 24hours. You should, therefore, structure your content in such a way that there isn’t a long interval between uploads with the stories offering more of a seamless experience to viewers.

  1. Inform the influencer on how your product should be presented in conjunction with the creativity of the influencer ofcause.
  2. Use story tools like Unfold, or Quik to edit and make your stories to make your content rich and very appealing to the eyes.
  3. Provide a strong call to action with an awesome swipe up feature to allow viewers access to your products just a swipe away.
  4. Incorporate trackable shortened links into the swipe up feature on the Instagram stories. these links allow you to measure click stats which would be very helpful in you determining how effective influencers are in traffic generation.
  5. Request opens report from influencers to know exactly how many viewed and reacted to their stories to know the number of viewers, number of engagers as well as the number of individuals who actually clicked the referral link.

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Instagram Stories Influencer Marketing