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When it comes to generating leads through Facebook, there is nothing Sarah Mae Ives doesn’t know. She has created many Facebook ads and trained people on Facebook marketing. Sarah Mae Ives understands what works and what does not. If you are getting started with Facebook ads, then Sarah Mae Ives’ Facebook marketing course is what you need. Through Facebook ads, you can reach thousands of people with a tiny budget and generate income for years. The course will take you from a beginner to an expert Facebook Ads manager.

You will learn Facebook ads fundamentals such as developing campaign ads, selecting your target audience, creating a budget, and establishing objectives that fit your goals. Also, you will learn how to assess and boost your ads manager campaign. When it comes to social media, the advertising budget is everything. The course offers instructions for running an effective advertising campaign.  

Sarah Mae Ives offers a practical experience to create your successful marketing campaign and boost your social media marketing portfolio.  

Running Facebook ads may seem overwhelming for beginners. Setting up a campaign requires you to consider several factors. Failure to comply with Facebook ad rules may lead to your account getting suspended or banned from the social media site. Sarah Mae Ives’ course will help you maneuver all these huddles and show you how simple it is to set up an account and run successful Facebook marketing campaigns for your business.

You will learn to set up a new Facebook page, get the target audience, and create or find eye-catching images to run on your ads. In addition, Sarah Mae Ives’ course will help you learn to create ad headlines and text for you to set up and launch your campaign. This course will also teach you how to avoid drawbacks that can lead to banned ads accounts by following the Facebook ads policies, terms, and conditions. 

The course targets digital marketers, influencers, small business owners, and beginners who want to learn how to use Facebook to create, manage and optimize their campaigns. Although marketing experience is not necessary to take this course, you need to be eager to participate and connect on Facebook. You also need a Facebook account and Internet navigation skills.

Topics to be covered

  • Types of Facebook ads
  • Facebook advertising mistakes to avoid
  • Generating facebook leads with engaging content
  • Analyzing campaign success with page insight 
  • Understanding Facebook user guide  

Other benefits that come with the course include:

Client-centered approach- You will always have access to your trainer. You leave a question, and Sarah Mae Ives will follow up with a response. 

Value and return on investment- Sarah Mae Ives is passionate about Facebook marketing. In addition, she is goal-driven; everything she does revolves around achieving targets. 

Proven methodology- Sarah Mae Ives has perfected her methods through running successful Facebook ads and attracting leads who convert to customers. 

The Facebook marketing 101 courses will enable you to create Facebook ads, read ads statics, analyze results, and use them in your future ad campaign.

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Sarah Mae Ives Facebook Training